Rebeccas Diary
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2001-07-02 10:50:12 (UTC)

Todays infatuation thats making me feel like a freak

I have been acting like such a freak lately! i dont know
whats wrong with me im totally obsessed with the
jonah guy i like JUST met, the only thing is hes 24 and
doesn't know im 15 'nuff said. its weird it sounds disgusting
written down but i mean it like works when were together. i dont
know what it is
about him! he isnt all that good looking but i mean
somthing about him just makes me feel all full inside! im
actually freaking myself out cause i can actually relate
to the jessica simpson song irrisetable.the thing is i
have no idea how to like get to know him beter with out
looking like a mallrat or stalker, and then theres this
othr guy ryan whos REALLY hot and my age but i
dunno i just like jonah (isnt jonah a sexy name!) well i'll
write more later. i think his is all infatuation but you
never know.