The Magical Toilet Paper Diary
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2002-07-19 05:18:02 (UTC)


well... i haven't written for two days... i don't remember
wut i did on wednwsday (probably nothin interestin)

but on wednesday i stayed at my uncle's house the WHOLE
DAY. talk about boredom... anyways... while i was there
trying to kill time by napping and watching tv my mom,
grandma, and aunt went to see the houses. remember about
irvine house? well... there was a house before that... we
didn't take much notice at first... not my mom likes it...
so the coices became:
1.irvine house = university high school
2.laguna nigeul = capo (:))
3. no moving = tesoro
so that was pretty much wut ended that day...

and now for today... as u may hav read in the earlier
entry... we decided on getting the irvine house... so im
movin farther then i wanted (don't laugh... i know it's not
that far but still....)

i had a hard time telling people (except victoria...)

anyways... i don't want to talk about that anymore...

today i spent a bit of time doing a reading... fun!
ashley.... if you find another riddle... tell me! that was
sooooo fun cuz it took up time and got me to do sumthin!
teehee! more about it in next entry

it was a sad day... i hate it when other friends r mad at

anyways... that's it....

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