Life of Joolz
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2001-07-02 07:45:12 (UTC)

Monday 2nd July 2001

8.35 in the morning! And I am at home, not in the hell hole
of a work! Good feeling, but all hell will be let loose
soon when roofers arrive. Next door's builders are already
here. Ian next door was telling Ron that their builders are
in coz they're having another brand new bathroom done(!)
coz Jackie got bored with other one (!) and they've bought
a gite in France with another couple and are renovating it.
God they must have money to burn. No mortgage though and
Ian's renting part of his business off to other small
companies now, so there's rent pouring in there. They don't
brag though-that's the main thing, but their house is
ab.fab. and the best on this road I can tell you. Even so,
it's still the same style house we are living in, except
for extensions they've got etc. Still living in same area as us
coz they like it!! Oh well, how the other half live eh? maybe will
win lottery this week? Humph-pigs'll fly too.

It's 70c already and a real humid morning-cloudy and close.
Slept in till 7am, that's an hour and a half longer for me,
but I didn't get to bed till well past midnight as I was
working on the kitchen. Have more to do today, but it's
nearly finished now. Got a fab border from Focus yesterday-
it's called 'metallic squares' and greyie colour-quite
funky for me-gonna put that up in kitchen when everything
else is done. have no washing line up so it's ludicrous
that I'm having to dry washing in tumble drier-crazy!!

I'm sat here in my nightie with a coffee and Ron's still
snottering in bed. He was saying he'd be better off in work
than listen to all noise going on round here. True.
Wednesday will be proper chill time when we're away though.
I've done no washing/ironing/am behind with all that and
pets need cleaning out.

Sunday's events: Decorated kitchen/did walls and units-took
about 8 hrs in all. Before that started Ron and I cleared
garage out of all crap-the lots been bagged up and I've
found loads of stuff upstairs to chuck out. Sofa
bed/lamps/pine towel railx2-stuff I had forgotten about.
Roofers will take it to tip for me, they said. I want
garage clear this summer as junk just keeps on growing
Mum rang yesterday-is coming up in 4 weeks time-she
couldn't fit in car over weekend coz of Mike's stuff for
his new flat-he's back here now for while but don't know
how long. Told Mum house was in uproar with decorating, and
scaffolding and shite outside, so just as well they didn't
turn up after all.
Ordered new curtains yesterday from Littlewoods for comp
room. Ron said watch the spending and so did Mum!!!! How
old am I??
Still not heard from Sue either.

9.10pm-heard from Sue! she's in Santa Susanna in northern Spain. She
sent text this morning-about time too! has said she aint having no
lager during day while on hol.
Been busy all day-has been the hottest day of the year so far-it's
still 73c indoors. Was so humid today and workmen were sweating their
bollox off.
Painter, Andy started today and has puttied the windows and started
on undercoat. He takes 3 sugars in his coffee-bloody nora-good job I
had an old bag of sugar in!
Was soooo hot today, about 5.00ish Ron and I sat in garage area with
garage door wide open and opened some beers, and I had the last of my
Cava I had yesterday. Only place a breeze was wafting through.
Roofers went then but painter stayed till 6.30 so we gave him a can
of Export. He's very humble and nice personality-talked a bit about
his marriage of all things!! Was great sat in me decorating scruffs,
unwashed painted hair supping lager for all street to see-dint care
though-had good laugh and chat. Was quite nice hour and half out
there yakking all 3 of us.

Must do roots tomorrow-got same beige blonde again. And false nails.
And pluck eyebrows and cut toenails and paint em. Am a scuffer in
MC Hammer decorating pants and scruffy top. Ha ha ha ha ha. Aint
washed hair since Friday and I am filthy filthy but I love it being

Had bath and chilled out after rang Shoizza at 7pm-kitchen is almost
completed now, just rest of skirting board to do and border to put
up. Shoizza's OK and hairdressing business is starting to pull the
brass in-she's off to caravan on saturday with the girls-Alan is off
to Dublin in 2 weeks time.
The second offer they put in re house has been declined again-2 grand
short. She reckons they are not that fussed now and want to look for
other properties, more barn type with beams etc in countryside.
Keeping options open and at least they have her house to live in as
Alan's is well and truly sold. Made 30 grand profit on it.
Ron's just ringing Paul and I am just simply chilling-first time
since 8.30 this morning when I got me MC Hammer pants on.
Hillarys blinds came today, Andy he's called, about 35, dead casual
and chatty. Sounds like a Mackem. Ordered within 15 minutes, after
he'd measured up-got taupe coloured funky Roman blind for kitchen,
and ivory one for bathroom. Gonna have kitchen one fitted in recess,
bathroom outside of recess-there's reason for that but it's boring
(like rest of this diary). Will take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. Lied to
Ron re cost as usual otherwise he'd go ballistic.

Sooooooo... my mission is nearly completed. Out of 4 people due to
come here to do work, 3 have turned up-one to go. Have
roofers/painter/blinds-now need door man re new front door tomorrow.
Wonder if he will turn up?? Know what style door I want already so
won't take long to choose.

Was sat drinking lager at 6ish when Bossman roofer Derek turned up
all poshed up and with Armani shirt on. (but alas, black sandals-
urgh) Gordon Bennett!! Dint recognise him without him being black
bright and in scuffer clothing. I was in MY scuffers and no makeup
and unwashed painted hair. He'd come to collect painter and there was
painter sat with a can of Export!! Ha ha. he said, 'so this is what
you get up to then!' Cheek.
Can't be arsed telling you about grub intake as too busy this week.
tis boring anyway, must think of summat different to write about.
Toodle for now. Might go outside with glass vino in my bombsite of a
garden to cool off.