Alexander Dickson

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2002-07-19 01:56:21 (UTC)

Stuart and Steven... How Random

I just had a fantastic MSN Messanger Conversation with
Steven and Stuart. For some reason they like to snoop
around in my life. Its probably small talk, but they're
still snooping. Stuart seems particulary interested in my
decision to attempt to lose weight. Maybe I shouldn't give
the impression that I know a lot less than I actually do,
it just dissapoints people who think thy know more than
me. Well Stuart, I know that cardiovascular exercises are
a key step to losing weight. Ad I also have a very long
hallway so I can jog up and down that for a half hour. and
I do, whenever no ones around. I always learn as much as
possible to allow me the maximum oppertunity to get it
right. I'm reliable that way.