Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-02 06:25:21 (UTC)

Sunday July 1, 2001

~~~Sings to herself... Wake Up..Wake up its the first of
the month.. so get up get up and cash that check of the
month... hehe like Bone Thugs N Harmony would say~~~

Its the first day of July baby.. so that means.. 25 more
days until my mom's birthday... umm I wonder what I will
get her.... but anywho.. let me tell u bout what happpened
today... I went to sleep at 2am last night and I had to get
up at 5am today so I could go to work with my mom... I got
up got ready and then woke my mom up at 6am so she could
get ready... then we left at 6:30... So I was like bored
out of my mind while I was there.. I mean all I could
really do is listen to music and check out all the hot guys
that came into the gas station... but when Faye got there
things got a lil more exciting... cuz we all started to
talk bout a lot of stuff... u know gurlie stuff and even
sum serious things... it was quite intresting if I do say
so myself... Faye helped me write 2 poems... and we also
played catch with a blowed-up glove... lol its soo fun at
my mom's work... we all act stupid as hell... and we're
always laughin... well my mom got off at 3.. so we left
from there.. and on the way home me and my mom had a really
nice mother to daugher talk... It made me feel so good..
but I still couldn't come out and tell her that I'm bi... I
asked her what would she do if I told her I was.. and she
goes... " I would take u to the hospital or sumthing so I
could get u some help.. to see if u really want to be like
that" I was like ok.... it sorta freaked me out she would
say that but I dunno.... we talked bout all kinds of
subjects then we came home.. and like as soon as I walked
in the phone rang.. i as like damn how lucky am I?¿ lol..
so I picked up.. and I thought it was Jack.. but I think it
was Pat.. whoever it was tho asked for me.. and I guess he
didn't understand me when I said she's speaking.. I think
he thought I said I'm not home or sumthing.. cuz he was
like aight and hung up... lol So I dialed *69 to see what
number he called from and I called it back... and yeah it
was Pat's house... = / I was like.. umm why r u callin me?
He was like I dunno I guess u hate me now aint it.. I was
like no.. where is Jack.. and he went on to tell me that
they were high and shit = / So he told me that Jack wanted
to talk to me.. I was like aight.. and yet again me and
Jack got into another fight... when he is high he acts so
stupid... but I got soo mad cuz he promised me he would
stop smokin so he lied to me :( But he was sayin all kinds
of shit to me... just pissin me off more and more.. and u
know what.. I actually stood up for myself... cuz when he
was like tellin me what to do.. I was like u know what.. u
can't tell me what to do... cuz u ain't my mom and u ain't
my dad.. and if I want to do sumthin then I will do it.. no
matter what u say to me... but he had also told me that he
didn't want to talk to me anymore.. I was like why? and he
goes cuz your wack.. I was like yeah whatever... I had to
let him go tho cuz my mom wanted on the computer so I told
him I would call him back... I'm stupid I know... but
anyway... my uncle was listenin to what I was sayin to Jack
and that also got me pissed off.. so I got into a fight
with him and gram... ::shakes her head:: They fianlly left
to go sumwhere and I had them leave me the keys so I could
stay over there...So I called Pat's house to talk to
Jack...Pat answered the phone and was like can he call u
back cuz I'm on the phone.. I was like yea.. and hung up...
Then I feel asleep for like 2 hours.. and I tried to call
Pat's house 2 more times..and there was answer.. so I was
like fuck it.. and I went back to sleep...well Pat called
me at sumtime... and he was like did u call my house.. I
was like yeah so I could talk to Jack... where is he
anyway... and he goes ohh he is cookin... I think I
laughed.. and Pat was like I will have him call u...I was
like aight.. and I hung the phone up and went to back to
sleep... lol yeah I know I'm lazy.. but I was tired as
hell... but anywho.. I got up at like 9pm... and got
online.. bout as soon as I signed on my pager goes off.. I
was like umm I wonder who that is... I looked at the number
and I didn't know who it was... but I was lovin the number
cuz it had 39 in it.. hehe so I called it and I realized it
was Alex's pager number... cuz the last 4 numbers spell out
alex... lol so I let my number... and then I paged him
again with a voice mail cuz I know how his pager is.. it
don't like to work... so I waited and waited for him to
call... and my pager went off again with his pager number
again...so I called it again and left my number... and
finally he called me... and damn he sounds soo good.. u
know like in that Freestyle cd... where the gurl picks of
the phone and it is "Romeo" well that is who Alex sounds
like.. and I had said if I could ever find anyone who
sounds like that I'm goin to keep him.. and Alex sounds
just like that boy on that cd... hehe so we were talkin and
he was sayin that he wanted to meet me... my mom got a lil
mad cuz I was talkin to him tho cuz he is too old she
says.. and I also think she don't want me talkin to him cuz
the pic he sent me he looks like a gangbanger.. lol but
anyway.. I had to watch what I said around her.. cuz he was
tryin to talk dirty to me... hehe he is a naughty boy...
what can I say... hehe and he wants me... lol but after my
mom went to sleep.. I started to talk to him a lil more...
I know all he wants is sex... but I dunno I still think he
is a total cutie..and he is soo sweet to me.. unlike
Jack... but anyway.. me and Alex had phone sex... hehe
opps... ::Sings to her self.. I'm a playa..::: lol... I
mean damn I couldn't help myself Alex sounds so damn good..
even better when he moans... hehe well guess who called
while I was talkin to him..... Pat... I was like damn...
Pat told me that he forgot to tell Jack that I called...
and that Jack wanted me to call him on his cell phone.. I
will like aight I will after my mom uses the phone... and I
hung up with him.. and I clicked over and finished with
Alex.. with a "aww do u really have to go Alex.." and he
was like "Aww I love u 2... but yeah I do I have to go to
work tomorrow" I was like " lol ok I love u 2" and I told
him goodnight and sweet dreams.. and he told me he would
call me tomorrow :) Then I called Jack.. and he was in a
pissy ass mood... i just wanted to reach through the phone
and choke him... all he really told me was whats up... and
that he would call me tomorrow cuz he was bout to go to
bed.. I was like I'm tired to but I'm not goin to bed..I
forgot what he said to that but I was like..well talk to u
tomorrow... what time r u goin to call tho he was like at
2.. when I get up.. I was like ok... and I told him
goodnight sweet dreams.. and that I loved him.. and what
does he say to me... ok whatever... so I told him find be
like that... and he was like whatever.. and I hung up with
him :( That made me... mad and yet sad... I don't see why
he is always pissy with me... I just wish he would stop...
After that I ate sum food that my uncle brought home.. and
I got online.. and here I am now... I talked to Rach a lil
bit.. told her bout me goin to Minn.. I wrote John an email
tellin him that I'm also leavin.. and I'm bout to write all
my other friends and tell them also... so thats bout all
for now... so bye bye 4 now

~~~~Hehe sumthin else~~~~

Good lawd I just went to the bathroom aight.. and as I was
washin my hands.. I looked in the mirror.. and I noticed
this red mark on my neck.. it looks like a hicky... lol I
wonder where it came from cuz I know it isn't a damn
hicky... and also I just imed Mike.. (The prince fan I used
to talk to everyday a long time ago.. but he got rid of
aol.. got a gurlfriend.. and forgot bout me) and he didn't
seem like he wanted to talk to me... so I dunno... ohh well
forget him to... well ok I'm done now.. so bye bye