good times, good times
2001-07-02 06:25:07 (UTC)

copyright infringement

everytime it rains, it rains pennies form heaven, so go on,
go on, come on and leave me breathless because i never saw
a crouching tiger or a hidden dragon and we promiced
ourselves we wouldn't be so picky now, since we are all
sharing our quirks-mabey that's it! i don't fit in society
but it's only been 42 minutes and i wouldn't come into your
dairy and unplug your milking machine because if a thing's
worth doing, it's worth doing well, so i bought you this
yummy lavender cupcake instead, but i'll never get over
this because the sound of 50 packets of nuts opening sounds
like a wing falling off, and if i'm late for class i get
that bad wet suit but you do know we make the world more