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2002-07-18 22:10:52 (UTC)

ugly day

yeah i am all depressed today. to start out with i found
out the guy i like is 27 and im 18 - i thought he was 21.
then today was a stressful day at work, im a camp counsilor
and im the youngest out if the other couselors- so last
night the guy i like wentout with the other girls from work
and im so pathetic bc i felt left out bc that was all they
talked about today and i felt left out. so i guess the
reason that i feel this way is that i like barry and he
hangs out with them and also bc i dont tak to ne onefrom
highschool and i realy have no other friends and now that
summer is half over im starting to feel lonely. it doest
help that matt hasnt talked to me in 2 weeks and i think he
hates me. ok buh bye

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