The Sarchasm Chronicles
2002-07-18 21:25:04 (UTC)


I forget if I mentioned in early entries about Sybil
leaving me with a house full of animals or not, but she
did... Two dogs and three cats. Somehow a collection of
animals ammassed over ten years of marriage became my sole

Of the animals in particular was "hers" more than any
other, a white german shepard named HALO.

HALO is getting older (and she was never really healthy to
begin with) and is getting more and more expensive to
support by way of vet visits and ever increasing amounts of
medicine she requires on a daily basis. When the money
gets to a certain point, I call SYBIL and tell her I can
use some "child support" and she usually comes through with
a half-share of whatever the latest fees might be.

After the recent vet visit was charged to my Visa, I called
SYBIL to ask for some additional bucks. It's been at least
two months since we've even spoken, so I thought I'd see if
she'd share any info on what's going on in her life ~ and I
got the BOMBSHELL.

SYBIL now owns a home near where I work and has gotten

To make matters worse, she married him at least a month ago
(maybe two) which means they were just waiting for the
divorce to be final (this past March) which begs the
conclusion that she was seeing him BEFORE we split-up.

As I mentioned in a past entry, I always worried that it
was some corrections officer who worked on the prison ward
of the hospital unit where SYBIL worked... it seems my
guess was correct -- because THAT'S what he does for a

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