down in my eyes
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2002-07-18 20:54:27 (UTC)

You don't even know.

Why does everything seem so wrong.. even if it's right..
But i don't realize it's right, till it's over 'n done
with,.. 'n i caan't bring it back. I'm still tryen my
best.. but, i STILL can't understand what's happening.
Everything seems to be moving in slow motion, but
everything's moving the wrong way. in the opposite
direction, that i'm going... 'N i'm twisted.. Frustrated.
I feel like i could cry all day right now. It seems
like no matter how hard i try, noothing will ever come
out of it. Like always losing what i care about,.. but
what I care for, always overlooks me.
'Cos noothing's fair. What's fair to one person, isn't
fair to anoother,.. Eeverything's completely
unbalanced.. I wish my life was balanced..
If one can't even find a meaning, or stay within the words
they speak- but, in the actions they commit,... how
can i ever truly understand them?

Why do i care so much.. If he doesn't even care at all..
Why should i even talk ... when noo one ever listens?

"I've been up all night.. cuz i'm tryen to understand,
Why i feel like i've been stuck here, forever..
I'll break down today... Throwen my life away...
You don't even know.."