2002-07-18 20:42:05 (UTC)

Muh Friends

I have a lot of friends in this world. Sum of them just
piss me the fuck off. Sometimes I cry cuz they say mean
things to me. I find it hard to hold in the tears but,
sometimes I am strong enuff. I hope people read this cuz it
hurts to say this in front of uses. My so called friends at
the beach club I tell lots of personal things to. I tell
them things... like who unpruded me and shit like that.
When I talk to them it seems like they don't care. When
they go out they don't invite me at all. I have to invite
myself sometimes and I hate doing that. They like my sister
better then me and she's hardly ever around them. They tell
me im annoying which I know I am sometimes. Guys it hurts
me to say this but your not acting like true friends. True
friends are supposed to hang out with eachother and chill.
Like you people go out to the mall without me and shove it
in my face. You don't even ask. Who cares if you think I
don't want to come. It neva hurts to ask.ok I got that out
whooooo. Yo Jamie if your going to be my so called best
friend try acting like it and calling me for once. Oh yah
and my so called Boyfriend Nick if you don't call what
ever. I don't even tell people I have a Boyfriend I never
Mention you so fuck you, you dick get a fuckin life I don't
need you any more cuz your a peace of shit. Fuck you all.

Francesca a.k.a FrankEe