The Daily Babble
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2001-07-02 04:18:05 (UTC)

Its finally over!!!!

I know I haven't written in a few days but things have been
so crazy....On Friday, I had work in the morning and when I
got home, I had to take my Chicago cousin [Janku] to
Passaic and get her eyebrows done...then take everyone to
the bride's house and then get myself ready to the
midst of getting ready I had to go pick up Vikas from the
busstop....Got ready and finally made it to Ami's
house...which was sooooo boring...we all made excuses to my sister and cousin [Chaku] left to get
food...then me and Vikas and another cousin all went to
drop off some Auntie.
Then me and Janku left around 6 [after some girl spilled
milk all over Vikas!] to get her sister Tinu. We ate and
then went to the airport which was such a project.....First
we got to the terminal right on time but she wasn't out
there yet so we had to drive around and we couldn't seem to
get back to the terminal! But we finally did and drove
home so she could change and then came back to the Bride's
house for dinner...
Everyone hung out at my house that nite and I put Mehndi on
the girls which was another project cuz Chaku and Janku are
soo annoying about it! Tinu slept over my place and we
talked til 2:30 AM!...

Saturday was the was semi-fun..we got dressed
up and everything...I wrote this new white outfit I had,
blah blah..I was in the actual and three
other cousins came out holding candles in front of the
bride...I knew most of the people at the wedding...A lot
went on there but I don't want to bore anyone so if you
wanna know, email me!

The reception wasn't too started off a lil crappy
but then I got my cousins dancing and saw people I knew...I
caught up with some friends...spoke to some aunties and
uncles and downed a couple of drinks..ok only 1 1/2 but
thats ok. I had a 7&7 and 1/2 a Rum and Coke....then after
dinner, my Vikas' dad wanted to dance with all us me and my cousins went out there...we dragged
Vik but he wouldn't come and soon we were the only ones on
the dance floor! But we had so much fun. Then we got the
whole family [except my parents of course] involved and Vik
started going nuts....we had such a great time the last
half hour of the reception....

But then things went downhill...after I got to my parents I
found out that our keys were locked in the car and my
parents were fighting over like 2 different of
course all hell breaks my dad went in Vikas'
car and my family in mine and I followed them home. The
whole way my mom was so sad and angry and everything and I
didn't know what do...after my dad took his keys and left
we all just went to sleep. Then around 1:30 the light goes
on in my room and it was Tinu finding a place to sleep!
again I didn't sleep til 2:30 AM!

Today was just as crazy..,Famiy came over in the afternoon
and then I went to take Tinu to the airport..we get there
and her flight is cancelled!!! She was so upset cuz she
wanted to go home and her husband was making a special
dinner for her! He didn't believe that it was cancelled so
he asked to talk to me and I told him. I felt so
bad!...And it wasn't just her flight..every flight to
Atlanta was cancelled!...So she has a flight for tomorrow
for 8:15, which sucks....

So she came back with me..we finally ate lunch a 4:30!!!
And then went to Mandees and then I took her back to
Vikas'. I hung out there for a while and then came home
and after my sister had dinner, the two of us went back to
hang out and then they came here and finally left. It was
sad saying bye to them, but I'll be ok.

We don't see them as often as I like but we're still really I know I'll miss them!...

Anywayz I've gotten no sleep this weekend, so off I'll go!