Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
2001-01-08 05:44:37 (UTC)

Well lets see..in the past..

Well lets see..in the past couple of days I've been in the
biggest fight with my mom that I ever have been in my life.
She blind sided me twice & started chopping my back! WHAT
THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT!? But tonight was worth
it...looking back at all that I have acomplished in the
last 5 months really hit me hard. I mean think about
it...my fiance dumps me & I thought I'd never get through
it, then I find that I have all these sicknesses & that I'm
pregnant too! But I still managed to carry on. I went to
mi, did what I had to do, came back to maryland & got my
little boy back, got my truck back, started dating again, &
I look damn good! lol! I have came so far that it's
amazing, so I've decided to just start over with a clean
slate. Instead of remembering the past, screw it, I'm
focousing on the the present. All the pain & agony that
I've been through has really inspired me to live every day
to the fullest, so ya know what? The first thing I'm going
to do is spend all day with trey tomarrow doing whatever he
wants & getting icecream *giggles* Then I'm going to get
Josh to come babysit him & I'm going off to the spa to
pamper myself. I need a little bit of that....Get my nails
done, get my hair cut, maybe dyed, get a massage,
facial...whatever I need to make myself feel a lil better.
No shopping for me, I don't need that. Then finally, I'm
gunna go home & do what I should have done a long time ago
& for the rest of my life...spend every moment that I can
cherishing the time I have with my little boy & whoever
else may come alone :o)
~ ~
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We'll also be remaking my website, (we-meaning me & trey)