Just a Girl
2002-07-18 19:41:34 (UTC)

yea! good day!

Today I finally got the drive to go to the track today!
Yea me! It was near noon, though, so that was stupid, and
I could only run 2 miles before I started getting chills.
So, I sat down for a second and then I was going to finish
another mile, but I only ended up doing 1/4 mile...and then
walking another lap. But, hey, it's better than I have
been doing. Then, I went to the athletic club and played
tennis. (tennis is fun :) So, I feel better and I'm
probably going to have a lot easier time getting to sleep.
Last night I drifted off around 2:30...so it seems like if
I don't do enough during the day, then my body's like OH
NO! No sleep for you! Nothing bad eating-wise today...so
far. I hate it when I speak too soon.

I've gotten two messages so far, and I still think it is SO
freaky that someone might be reading what I write. It'll
take me a while to get used to it I guess.

I keep getting messages about the x-country team, but I'm
still not going to any of the practices. I just don't feel
like dealing with that crap yet. I know I should go,
especially because I'm not in shape, and I'm going to kick
myself for this later, but i'm not going...so there!

I think I may work on my school junk for a while...