2002-07-18 19:11:22 (UTC)

A Story and My Day

wrote about Samantha, the five year old California girl who
was found molested and murdered yesterday. Bonnie called it
a rant but I read it as justified outrage.

Whenever I read about these cases I remember the summer I
was nine. My mother had sent me to mail a letter in the
mailbox two blocks away from home. I put the envelope in my
bike basket, hopped on my bike and off I went. The mailbox
was on a busy street right near the elementary school I went
to during the school year. This was a small town in

When I got to the mailbox there was a man there. He told me
that he'd seen some newborn kittens in the woods which were
across the street from the school. He wanted to know if I
wanted to see them too. Then he smiled. The smile told
me there was something very, very wrong; it terrified me. I
jumped on my bike and peddled furiously home. I am certain
my guardian angel was watching out for me that day.

When I arrived home, I immediately told my mother what had
happened. She didn't call the police. She regretted that
she hadn't for years afterwards. A few weeks later there
were reports in the newspaper about a man who was
molesting little girls in those very woods. I don't think
he was ever caught. I'm sure it was the same man. I still
remember what he looked like. I remember his terrible smile

Like Bonnie, I support the death penalty for this kind of
crime. These people aren't sick; they're evil.
A quiet day at home today. I did three loads of laundry this
morning, watered my vegetables and flowers, took a little
trip to the local grocery store and the post office, and
worked on my quilt in the frame.

John went to Eugene in his truck on a *guy stuff* trip in
the afternoon--to the hardware store, lumberyard, etc. I
was invited along but opted to stay home and quilt, read, do
some clean up in the front yard and yes, take a short nap.