The Princess
2002-07-18 18:44:50 (UTC)

Another New Prince...Too Hot To Handle..

I've met a new Prince. He has soft golden hair, A strong
physically body. He has a scent that would drive any woman
mad. He is so in love with me and has told me so many
times. I'm just weary going into another relationship so
quickly. But this man totally swept me off my feet! He
makes me laugh. And he is so affectionate. Oh how it has
been so long since I have been touched romantically. This
man totally has a shining ora about him. He tells me I am
his princess. He tells me how pretty I am. And makes love
to me so tenderly. I can feel his love rediate from within.
He would maay me tomarrow if I said yes. I have so many
feeling going on for him. I'm totally lost in the thought
of him. The site of him almost takes my breath away. To
see his mornig smile, him saying "Good Morning Darlin"
then we put out arms around each other and hold one
another for a few.
Then its not an hour and we are making mad passionate
love. The chemistry is most definately there. It's almost
impossible to keep our hands away from one another. Even
when compnay is over, we brake out into a mad passionate
kiss. I miss him when we are apart. When the other has to
work or sleep. I greive for him as if he is dead. But when
he appears to me in the flesh. It is all worth it. I'm
ready for him by that time, and he knows it. (Smile)
Till Nrxt Time..