your face won't stay like that
2002-07-18 18:00:04 (UTC)

When they smile back

So here i am renting a movie at the near by grocery store.
I ended up chosing Amelie, which was amusing, very light,
but generally good. So I'm standing in line and i see this
woman, young, probably early to mid 20's getting money from
an atm machine right next to me. I looked at her and she
happened to look up at me at the same time. I thought she
was our neighbor's daughter so I grin at her and extend
enthusiastic salutations. Wait no. It's not Erin but some
complete stranger as i realize mid hello. But she just
smiled at me and said hi back, like she knew me, so
natural. I was surprised. No wierd look, no killer
glare. just hi. very strange, but almost inspiring. Just
smile back, what a concept.