When its all over and done with....
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2002-07-18 17:47:35 (UTC)

Oh the Pain

My in soo much pain right now. i thought i was
in shape i guess i was*t my arms, shoulder,
knees and buttocks hurt. It feels like i got run over by a
bus! And to make it worst i cant sleep at night im up till
like 3 in the morning tryin to fall asleep. Then i either
dont wake up till 1 or i wake up early cuz my mom is tellin
my dad about her day with grezalda her boss who she hates.
Basketball is not that could be worst im not the
worst person there at least. But one thing that really
sucks though is that im put with the freshman every single
time. So basically it goes like this i have prob more
freshman friends now than i do sophomore friends. But oh
well what can i do...nothin so i should stop complainin.
well here comes another day of hell...i just cant wait!!

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