2001-07-02 03:04:14 (UTC)

Moving, guys, and my sometimes interesting LIFE

Hey hey hey! Well it has been a little bit since i wrote(
er..typed..WHATEVER) last, and a little bits happened. well
not that much but, um, yeah. Well today i went to work with
my mom and since she works at the mall i just chilled in
her office and walked around in the mall. its a small mall
though so ya know i couldnt walk around but for so long
with out getting bored. but my mom only had to work for
like four hours today so its all good. after that we went
by and saw the new trailer on the lot its on. its off the
hook for a lil trailer- moving from a brick house to
a "mobile home" kinda sucks but oh well its gonna be all
right. its a nice trailer, anyway. well i saw ryans stupid
azz walking down the street, when my mom was locking the
door to the place as we were leaving. i know he doesnt
really like me, but i have no idea why. what a strange dude
he is. anyway, he was like " you look just like your mom."
I was like okay, u could have just said hey, but u said
that. i know u just wanted to say something. punk azz. well
i didnt actually say that, but i wanted to. after that we
went to the ms watkins house to pay the rent and then went
by stefs. i had to pick up my cell phone- i left it at her
house. forgetful me. after that we went to wal-mart.... had
to pick up some sheeit for josh's bday on friday. hes
turnin the big 12! Lol hes getting so big so fast. well he
will always be my dumb lil bro anyways. after taht we went
to this mexican resturaunt thats a few doors down from the
store. that food was soo good! love me some mexican food.
our waiter was a cutie. I dont know about other places, but
we have some cute mexicanos here! haha. well then after
that we were walking down the sidewalk to go to the car,
and some more mexican dudes were in their car. a nice IROC
Z28. well the one in the front seat whistled and they were
all smilin and stuff. i was like oh lmao. it was funny as
mess. After that i went home and was bored. well kind of.
tomorrow ill probably stay home. tuesday too. nothin really
to do. i mean its a boring summer. wednesday is the 4TH OF
JULY. Chuck and mom want to go to chuck's parent's house to
sit in the back yard and watch the fireworks they are
setting off at the church next door. they have food,
music, and all that other good shiznit. But then again,
Betty asked me if i could work the Carousel in Rolesville
that night. hmm.... work the carousel and help those damn
lil kids ride the ponies and get paid, yet waist my 4th
workin, or chill out and watch fireworks and have fun. I
would get paid at work though..hmm.... i need the cash. i
dunno. well its not too late now, its like 11:oo pm, but
im tired. alot of running around today. Ill write again
soon. ***ASH***

PS- i forgot to put some other stuff. Jason hasnt called me, and i
still love him, but im getting over him. watch, hes gonna want to see
me when he comes back from the bahamas, ill start to like him again
and wont be able to keep my self from going back out with him. damn
hormones. lol.... and then there is Ahmed. ahh, ahmed. one of the
absolute sweetest guys i know. hes cute, smart, and its kinda cool
that hes from Egypt anyways, and he told me he loves me and wants to
be with me. i was like whoa buddy. lol. i am totally falling for his
charm though. damn. i think i fall in love too easily. who knows,
maybe ahmed is a good one after all. he sure sounds like it. then
again, so did jason..... who knows!!! But enough about guys. man, im
bout through with them all. just cause more trouble than i need. but
i guess u gotta get through the PRICKS to find a ROSE. haha. yeah
some of them are lil pricks, arent they? well im gonna go for real