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2002-07-18 16:35:17 (UTC)

Not Too Bad!

Well, I guess this reminder feature really is worth
having. We've been busy getting on track with homeschool.
We've had school for 3 days now and things really are going
well. DS loves it. Yesterday it was way too hot and
sticky downstairs to have school in the kitchen like we
usually do, so we went upstairs to the AC. But being in a
different setting ds was a bit distracted. We went through
some stuff, but more just a review situation. I guess
that's what homeschooling is all about -- making it fit
your needs. I really am amazed at how well ds is doing
considering he's not even four years old yet and is doing
1st grade level work. I just try to keep up with what he's
ready for!

Our cat has been going spastic lately. Maybe it's the
weather. Or maybe it's the fact that he's going through
his "teen" months. Whatever it is, I'll be glad when it's

Not much else has been happening. I've just been trying to
not let every little thing get me upset or stressed out. I
guess I overthink everything and I really need to stop it.

Until next time!

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