... SheLL*z . LyFe ...
2002-07-18 16:18:44 (UTC)

ugh. lyfe sux

.. im so confused, once again, about everything. Im trying
to get over Marc, but i just knoe he told everyone about
the email i sent him, and hes pissing me off. And carmie
said when he told her he read my diary, he did this gay-ass
laugh he does. UGH. well what i found out is he told a few
people he'd like to fool around with me, WHATS THAT ABOUT?
hes always saying he has to love a girl to sleep with her
or some dumbass shit like that, but he can fool around with
me and not think twice about it? thats fucked up. one day
hes gonna realize what he missed out on, and he'll regret

Anyway, im thinking about calling Maurice later. I can get
over marc inna split second with Maurice. o0o baby! And i
knoe for a fact Maurice likes me cuz he told me, so thats
something i dont gotta worry about. I just dont knoe what
to say to him when i call, i havent talked to him since
like april or something like that. I dont care, imma
call 'em.

Im beginning to think marc was right, this is only a crush.
What kinda relationship would we have? Hes almost as big a
girl as i am. And hes a lil self-centered, then again so am
i, so what would that work out to? absolutely NOTHING at

Im feeling pretty good about myself right now and the whole
marc situtation, the gurls are right, DITCH 'EM! hahaha.
Well imma bounce, imma go and get dressed . PeAcE .

:: RicHeLe ::