i cant be perfect

i dont try to be beautiful
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2002-07-18 15:43:20 (UTC)

I am bored

I am sitting in my roommates room by the way her name is
diana.. i am using her computer cause mine is getting
fixed and yes it sucks...i should have it by tommorow

the tv guy left and our tv works now YAY...Josh is still
sleeping and my cat has disappeared...i did all the dishes
and swept and moped the floor do you think that diana will
take the garbage out? i know she wont cause i asked her to
do it last night...meh...i just got a check for 50bux :) i
couldnt be more thrilled now i can pay for my uhaul...i
will be moving on the 31 to a cooler place that actually
looks like a home not just an apartment

I think josh is up because i can hear him moving around in
my room....Hes the greatest he pays my car and stuff like
that to help me out and he buys me things and tells me
funny stories that make me laugh so hard that i feel that
i am going to pee my self

My grandma sent me a birthday card she is the only one
that i consider part of my family...i had it rough when i
lived at home but hey i am living on and moving on

I am hoping that we move to alberta because joshs brother
lives there and he says its nice there...it sux here in
st. catharines

But i have to go tend to my joshy cause i love him and he
needs me to rub his back and cuddle with me so bye bye bye

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