i dont like breakfast
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2002-07-18 14:57:15 (UTC)


well i have my menstrational period and i have really bad
cramps. :'( my brother is taking a shower, its about time.
for you people whom know my brother... hes at that stage in
life that a bunch of nine year olds go through a lot. the
stage where he doesnt want to take a shower or change
clothes. its sounds wierd but i dont know. i used to love
taking baths when i was small. i would stay in for like 3
hours and my hands would be all prune-like. my mom gets off
of work early today i have to callmy dad. his birthday is
tomorrow..... HAPPY 42 birthday vin!!!!! i wish i was there
to tell him happy birthday. ehh ohh well. my mom has some
really cute penny loafers with fringy things on the top of
them.. haha. i miss krystina a lot. darn it. im so bored
during the day. the other day i got really sad because i
was reading everyones journal and they are all having so
much fun this summer. and im here, alone for most of the
day. bored out of my mind. i have my camera, but in the
morning nothing can motivate me to get dressed. the only
thing that can really is when my mom said, "come on guys
lets go to taco bell." Jeeze, i want to go home. oly 15
more days. i cant wait. the singer in nickelback looks like
my cousin emily lol. its funny. she likes stuff like
nickelback and rap stuff and she also enjoys the radio. i
was dissapointed because she doesnt know any songs that i
was playing for her.. like kenny loggins, the proclaimers,
queen, taco, harry belafonte, etc. shes only a year younger
than me. hmm... then i played bouncing souls and shes
like "WHAT IS THIS?! TURN IT OFF PLEASE" then i put
dashboard on, ehh she didnt really like that either. then i
put on catch 22. she didnt like it either. then i put on
reel big fish... and she didnt like it. shes put on mostly
rap, and then she put on nickelback think i would enjoy
it... lol i started sing along with passion and shes
like "OHHMY GOD! YOU LIKETHEM TOO?!" i responded
with.. "YEA! THEY ROCK!"..... a few songs later i told her
i didnt like them. she looks kind of upset. i told her
sorry. lol its nickelback. my grandma is off of work today.
she is so annoying/wierd/looks like a water mammal. my hair
must be blowen dry sooon. its air drying and its going to
get wavy and disgusting. its 10:40am. i cant wait til my
mom comes home. shes buying me string to make bracelets,
and im going to make a lot of them ;) ;) ;) ahhh. i want to
drive, if i lived here i could get go to drivers ed this
year. my brother is watching nick jr. there is a dog in a
hot dog bun. what is on tv for small children these days...
aww! the show has this really cute blue octipus, his name
is oswald, and hes wearing a small black hat and his head
is huge. aww i want him! as a pet.. not sexually. my toes
are cold and scooby doo is coming on ;) i cant wait. im
going to go do my hair. its getting puffy.. like puff daddy?