i cant be perfect

i dont try to be beautiful
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2002-07-18 13:41:48 (UTC)

mornings suck

This morning i woke up at 8:00am, Whats up with that? just
to find that my boyfriend is sleeping in my bed and i have
been sleeping on the couch all night...my roommate doesnt
clean she expects me to do all the housework and Josh (my
boyfriend) is to drive her everywhere...but that is my car
not hers or his...gwad people like that should get a life
and find someone else to be thier slave cause i am
officially on strike...i cant take it anymore.

WOW.. listen to my bitch its my first day with this
diary..well i mean i have other diaries but not on
here...and you will notice that i never talk about family
except when i am frustrated and getting something
good...and that wont happen...

I really dont have a family except joshs family cause my
family sucks and i dont live or have any type of contact
with them because they are bastards :( but hey look at
the bright side i am 19 turning 20 in 3 days and have my
own apartment and car...with josh and a rude demanding
roommate and my favorite kitten in the whole world DREN
shes so cute i love her to pieces...

Josh and I are planning to get married soon but we want to
wait for all of our bullshit to end (its not the fights
that bug us) the damned insurance company cause josh got
into a head on collision and yeah it bugs me because it
was my car that he was in but i got a new one a grand prix
and i like it its better than a dodge spirit (i hate
dodge) That car tried to kill us many of times
Bah...Anyhoo my kitten is attacking me grrr...

i would like to live on my own withotu a roommate but that
would never happen untill Josh gets a job and I get a job
too i am on social assistance and let me tell ya its hard
living off of 520bux a month and 325 of that goes to rent
and 130 of that is car insurance...yeah so i am not
exactly rich but the way i live you would never know the
difference cause my apartment is beautiful and i have nice

but gotta go tv guy is here