Life is nothin but drama
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2002-07-18 08:35:08 (UTC)

Woman are a lost cause...sometimes

I gave up drugs and drinking for the woman i love and she
said she would do the same but she hasnt. She didnt even
have the nerve to tell me that she waz going to a friends
house to get drunk. Thats probably why she didnt wanna tell
me cuz she knew i would get mad. I dont know what to do
anymore... i gave up the 2 most important things that make
me happy for her... drugs and drinking.... and i have lost
friends and family members because i love this gurl and
others dont approve of it but i didnt care cuz i LOVE her.
Ive told her that i love her but she just pushes me away
more and more everyday. I dont know what im doing wrong. I
have given her everything shes wanted but she still dont
seem happy. We got in a argument today because my ex is
calling me and telling me that she loves me still and all
kinds of stuff. She told my gurlfriend and she went off on
me cuz i didnt tell her to stop..... well i have and my ex
dont seem to listen. I wanna give up on my love but that
would mean that i dont really love her and that im weak.
OMG wait until she finds out that my ex is coming from PA
to live with me.... shes not gonna be to happy about


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