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2001-07-02 01:39:06 (UTC)

Nice ride on the beach....

Was a lovely sunday. The night before, I spent
watching AI ( with my bif.......who happens to rock! ). I
had much fun with him ( if you reading this....thanks for
the great night....). After the movie, we spent 1/2 an hour
roaming the closed mall, for the theatre is part of the
mall. I had never done that before, and it tunred out to
actually be pretty fun. Trying to hide form the late night
janitors, while touring the entirely empty mall......
AI.....was a really good movie, for anybody pondering
whether they should watch it or not......though bring a
tissue box....
Well, back to the story. Today, I went on a beach ride w/ a
friend James. We rode from Manhattan to Venice Beach and back. It's
like 60-70 miles......on a bike.....OHMYGOD.......i can't move my
legs anymore. It was lovely today, and the beach was packed because
of the 4th july weekend.
I got to get back to writing my essay..... UGGG

oh well, have a nice day whoever is reading

* and the curtains draw the end and yet beginning to
another day, but night........*'re awesome. :)