Life, Love and Heartache
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2002-07-18 07:02:13 (UTC)

The Brighter Side...........

It's so fantastic!!! I talked to him tonight and things
were perfect. I mean he really showed how much he cared
about me. I doubt it will stop him from dating that girl he
likes, but the point is he told me his true feelings. His
words were incredible. The way he said them and the way
they made me feel. I know that we may not be together now,
but we will be someday. Maybe in 2 years maybe in 20, but
we will still be together. I really started to cry, if
anyone knows what it feels like to be loved and told that
you mean a lot to someone, you will know what I am talking
about. It makes you smile and your heart beat faster, and
get butterflys and yet you still cry at the same time. I
have never cared this much about anyone, and I have loved
men before. He is just so right for me, and if feels so
right. I don't know what will happen tomorrow or so on.....
but I am just going to smile and be so happy, because this
is the greatest day of my life!!!!! I think I may be
falling in love with him...........

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