Diary of a young singer
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2002-07-18 06:49:44 (UTC)

Great Day

Hey hey!! Went to bed last night/this morning at 530, woke
up at 200 this afternoon! whoo! tonite i went over to
angi's and chilled with her, heather and shaina, then we
watched "the others." after that we played the "paper
game" dont ask....i found out some interesting stuff about
the few! i figured out tonite i still have ungodly
feelings for one of my friends but it's cool, cuz everyone
thinks "we'd be betta off as friends" yeah so life goes on
and nick has still never had his first kiss or first real
relationship for that matter! hell yeah! well im off to
bed its 2:49 i should prolly hit the the way, i
am talking about the day off 7.17.02 :)

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