lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-07-18 06:11:35 (UTC)

the pgt (as we called it)

susan just sent me the PGT (perfect guy test), which
was how we decided what boys were worthy of our
affections back in the day. she has the official version,
and i am just soo excited to see 7th grade revisited, so
here it is:

1) blue plaid shirt
2) hair like patrick huntsinger (slighty fluffable)
3) green boxers
4) has a tan (not pasty butt-white)
5) no girly writing
6) no girly hands
7) wears a watch
8) has freckles
9) hates all boy bands
10) is into music (knows who fred durst is)
11) is athletic
12) can play the guitar or fake it, and can make up
stupid songs
13) wears cool sunglasses
14) looks good in a hat (backward or forward)
15) knows how to surf
16) looks good in board shorts

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