Kim's thoughts
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2001-07-02 01:13:48 (UTC)

My list of sucky things

Here it is.. My list of things that suck.

1. All of Sara's list (nice list, I must add)
2. When rings turn a different color
3. Having abnormal nipples
4. Brittney Spears
5. People who obsess over stuff and won't admit it
6. Unreasonable people
7. When cds skip
8. When hair dye bleeds through the gloves
9. Being broke
10. Having to pee when both bathrooms are occupied
11. When your computer freezes
12. When people don't talk
13. Mosquetios (spelling??)
14. Going to the mall with no money (referring to no.9)
15. People who actually want to be popular
16. People that feel sorry for themselves
17. People that brag
18. When you just got done writing a huge-ass e-mail
or report and your computer freezes (referring to no.11)
19. When no one is online
20. Day calanders
21. People who try to act hard
22. Hummers
23. My moms jokes
24. When your mechanical pencil's eraser is flat and you
can't use it, or even get it out to put more led in.
25. Crunchy hotdogs
26. When people are afraid of death
27. Findlay
28. When carrot peelings stick to the sink
29. People who chew with their mouth open
30. Not putting the cap back on tooth paste
31. Zippers
32. PT Cruisers
33. Mowing the lawn
34. Broken CD cases
35. Cheesy fingers
36. Not knowing what to do at a party
37. Boredom
38. Being freezing cold in July
39. Auto responses
40. Touchy-feely teachers
41. When people aren't home
42. Business cards
43. Having a shit load of change
44. Assholes
45. E-mail forwards
46. Annonymous feedback
47. Dumb sn's -- I have examples
48. When people talk about shit that they know you dont
want to talk about
49. Crying
50. Having no muscles

Ahh my mind is dry - I can no longer think. E-mail me with
other things that suck!