The meanderings of a mind
2001-07-02 01:12:45 (UTC)


I always thought about "being with" certain guys that I
liked. But this one came out of no where. Now I can't
imagine not loving him. I thought we were gonna be friends.
We are friends. And when I look in his eyes I know we are
so much more. He is my world, and together we make heaven.
I can still feel his mouth against mine, and his touch on
my skin. He is my breath and my heart. It shocks me and
this smile won't quit. Love is so hard to find, but it
seems like this has ALWAYS been there. I don't know if it
will last, but I do. That makes no sense. I know this too.
He asked me to come home with him. I wanted to. He is my
home. It will be another week before I can touch him, and
know that he is real. But I'll keep burning for him, and
Loving him. He is my magic. My dreams.