Electric monkey
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2001-07-02 00:45:21 (UTC)

simplistic newness [dont even know if those are words]

i just got this new online journal today. it seems so much
easier then what i was previously doing. i would go to
update my old journal and i would have to go through all
that horrid HTML crap. and make a new page for each time i
updated, so now with this i can just simply press
the 'submit' button. why didnt i think of this earlier. i
dunno. So maybe i will update it more often now that it
isnt a hassle. weehoo.
Today was boring, i didnt do much at all. well, thats
usually how sundays are i guess. the lazy,sleep in days for
those of us who dont go to church. yay. so i guess ill keep
this short. dont want to ramble out on the first entry.