2002-07-18 04:55:58 (UTC)

its like your dead. feel me...

its like your dead.

feel me.
fund me.
heal me.
fuck me.
leave me.

and hes singing...so loud.
i want to cover them up.
theyre bleeding in there.
i swear.

but im not going to look
i wont ever go.

im going to sit right here.

i havent eaten yet to today
doubt i will tomorrow.

i would rather waste away
then live with this shit any longer.

and shes here.
and shes gone.

this voice.

that one.

i cant keep track.
i lost it.


where is she.

where the FUCK am i

and when are we meeting again?

its a long fucking drive.

who am i...
i forget when im here.

not around it. not influenced.

thats the reason...
for the arguements.

just stop the world for me.
id give the world for you.

its like im spinning out of this cycle
and i keep landing the same way
and it hurts
but i forget
or maybe
i just intended it that way

help me someone

grind the gears and push it back in neutral.

weve got a lot of years ahead.

a lot of years ahead.