Lesbian bullshit
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2001-07-02 00:37:28 (UTC)

Twisted Sexuality

This is the first time I've actually used a
diary before but here goes nothin'. Well,
basically "diary" I'm a bit confused...about my
sexuality. For baout two years now, I've been into
girls, and now I believe I am only into girls,
ya'know-like I'm a lesbian or something but whats
been bothering me is that no matter what happens
I can't stick with another women, like in a
relationship. Its weird, I mean sometimes I don't
even enjoy being with a female yet I am
completely and utterly obsessed with girls. I mean
I always seem to find some type/kind of reason to
break-up with my girlfriend or something. I don't
even mean to look for an excuse but thats what I
really am doing and its begining to make me
question if thats even normal. I mean its like
that night when me and Denise made-out, sure, I
liked it but I couldn't even stand being around
her after that night, and I don't even know why!!
FUCK!! WHAT IS UP WITH ME??!! Whatever, until'
next time-LaTeRz DiArY-bAbY

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