*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-07-18 04:02:40 (UTC)


OMG! I am livid right now, but I'm also kind of happy,
but for very different reasons.
First and foremost, I hate Bekki right now more than
I've ever hated anyone else. OMG. True to my suspicions,
Bekki likes my brother Steven. First of all, she didn't
tell me, even when I asked her if she did multiple times.
Secondly, she told like everybody else, BUT me including:
Natalie, her Mom, Alex, Andy, Rita, and probably Courtney
because they're best friends. And the third reason which
pisses me off beyond belief is that she ONLY came over to
my house to see Steven. OMG. I almost forgot. She thinks
she has a right to be mad at me for liking Jonathan even
though she made it plenty clear that she doesn't and never
has had feelings for him. God. She always seemed to quiet,
but in reality she is a selfish, backstabbing, using,
shallow bitch. I am so majorly pissed. And she says in her diary that
she gets all walked over, and that she should be mad at her friends,
but we don't push her down, she lays down for us, it's not our fault.
In fact I've tried to help her stand up for herself. Like when
Natalie wanted to change like her whole poem in ALA I said ya know,
don't let her do that and I stood up for her, and Bekki just like
blew me off and let Natalie do whatever she wanted to HER poem.
Here's the woo hoo, which is kinda hard to be woo hoo about since
I'm so mad. Tonight I asked Jonathan if he liked me since sometimes I
get the feeling he does and he said this and I quote "See right now
I'm going out with Nicole but not for long so if you still like me
then, we'll see." WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOO!!!!!
Tomorrow is Cathy's party and I can't wait. I wrapped her present
yesterday and it loooks so cool. Cathy has really cool parties. Good
thing there are going to be no guys because after Bridget's way cool
*sparkly* party I lost my new bathing suit. I have no idea where or
how, but it's gone. Now I have to wear my old one.
Oh!! I forgot, like a week ago I got my haircut. It's a good 6
inches shorter. I like it, but that doesn't mean anything, I mean
everyone says they like it, but I need to know if they really DON'T
like it because how else will I know what truly looks good. See Bekki
SAID she likede it a lot, but turns out in her diary it says she
likes it, but it's not the most flattering haircut. Ugh, what a lying
bitch. I hate her so much. Last night I started this diary entry and
now I'm finishing it, and I'm still JUST as mad at her this morning
than I was at her last night. So much for best friends.
I also have field hockey tonight which kind of stinks because I've
only been to 1 out of 7 so far and since Cathy's party is tonight
also I have to miss an hour and a half of her party. I couldn't go to
the first six games because we thought I broke my toe and wasn't
allowed to play. Then I got my toe re-xrayed and found out it was
broken in two places and that I could still play because it would
heal either way, just playing would take longer and be more painful.
But I don't mind it's really fun and I learn a lot. My mom is kinda
upset though because she's paying $55.00 for only four games when I
was supposed to play ten. I'd be pissed off too.
So I think that's all I have to say. Ok I'll be writing all you
have to do is read my diary all about My Not-so Peachy Keen World.