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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-08 04:08:30 (UTC)

*Shanen* Whatta boring waste of..


Whatta boring waste of a day. Woke up at 1pm, then went to
Home Depot with my parents to pick out all the stuff for
the basement(ex: flooring, ceiling, carpet, walls, etc.)
Then did some other boring stuff, I think I should go to
bed now but I don't really want to.

My mom started pressuring me to getta summer job, so I will
be working at Great Adventure with Jennie, Jenny, n Amanda
definately, and possibly Corey n Andrew. Me n Jennie will
get to see Doug again, havent seen THAT guy in awhile(he
works there). We'll prob. work 3hrs each day, and 3 days
outta the week. I'm also gonna be doing hospital volunteer
work aka a candy striper at either Kimbell or Centra State.
Thatll prob. be only once or twice a week. Then Friday is
my mall day, Saturday is totally for the beach(Ive
converted from Belmar Beach to Bradley, all for Matt=)

Ok so I won't be going to camp this summer, oh
that I think about it I don't even want to. And vacation?
Ehh....well the vacation of chose this year is England,
ugh, I hate that place, so if they do go I will be staying
home with my dad, who never goes to England either.
Hmm...I'm actually gonna make some $$ this summer, I've
never had a real job b4(not countin babysitting). Lets
see...$51.75/week...wait with taxes deducted thatll be...
$40.50 around, maybe more. 30wks this Great Adv.
season...$1215.00! Wow I;m gonna have fun back to school
shopping time. Hmm...and by getting a job I think I'm
getting my allowance raised, wow I am happy now, nopt that
I wasn't happy already. Talking to Matt always makes me
smile...ok and my heart flutter(is a way to put it).
I'm talking to him right now, and I love him so much, I
hope that this summer even though both of us most likely
will be working and he will be near Bradley Beach, we get
to see eachother, I'll try to get there as much as
possible. Well anyways, Goodnight Everyone....

~Shanen L.~