Heather D

Nothing Wrong With Me
2001-07-01 23:17:12 (UTC)

The Little Engine

Sometimes my family really gets on my nerves...no, wait. Scratch that. My family always gets on my nerves. Sometimes its one group, and the rest of the time its another. They always have to fight, and they're all two faced about things. They loved to fight each other and talk about each other like dogs, and the thing that pisses me off is that they expect ME to pick sides in the fights. Today, for example, two groups are mad at each because someone truly is an asshole. The person who is an asshole doesn't think he is an asshole, and his legal guardian doesn't think he is either. The group that said something to him about it heard from me that he was being an ass yesterday, and had a chat with him about it, and he vehemently denied such behavior. The asshole side doesn't know I said something about it. I don't really care. If it weren't the truth, then it wouldn't bother them anyhow. And that's all I have to say about that.

Got to work loading up the 'Segments' section of the site last night. Worked from about three thirty to five thirty, and then crashed until three in the afternoon today. I got a lot of work done on the site, and it's actually turning out better than I originally suspected. I put up quotes from each segment, and some left me laughing so hard, I was crying. It was really cool. I also kept hunting for a 'Save Jackass' banner but evenutally lost interest, so I might just have to generate my own. No biggie.

Went to a Chinese buffet for dinner. I really wish that Chinese people in Chinese restaurants on American soil could speak a lot of English. They're not much help if you want to know about something on their buffet, and that really, really hurts my feelings. Just kidding. My fortune cookie was a bust, because it had THREE fortunes rather than just one. Wouldn't that make it a 'Fortunes Cookie'? But I digress...none of the fortunes given applied to me, except maybe the one that said I was simple minded.

I had the mother of one of my close friends e-mail me a few minutes ago regarding my friend's screen name. She's in the band, and plays the baritone saxophone, which is just a really big saxophone. And because of an incident back in May, we all call her "Tricky Sax Leonard." She decided that she wanted her screen name to be "TrickySax0702" or something like that, which myself and the rest of my friends thought was very amusing. And her mother, who has no business e-mailing me to begin with, e-mailed me to complain about her daughter's choice, saying that a lot of people might not understand, and I quote on this one, "How tricky her saxophone playing might be." Okay, blow me. That's not even what the phrase 'Tricky Sax' was meant to mean, anyway. And you're telling this to the person whose screen name is 'Shufflerdemon'. Guess how many people actually CARE what my screen name means? Not one...only the Wiccans worry about that. Anyway, she wanted me to try to help Alicia (my friend) come up with a new name. I am not going to reply to the message, as I would end up saying really rude things to my friend's mother. Sometimes, you just have to let people do things on their own...some parents have yet to learn that.

I think I've done quite enough rambling for today. It's 'Jackass' Sunday, so I have a long night ahead of me. The show's coming on at 10, and then I've really gotta work to finish my website. I think if I try really hard, I can get it done by Wednesday. Kinda like the Little Engine That Couldn't. Okay, that was lame.