All About Me
2002-07-18 02:58:03 (UTC)

just thought i would write

hey people i thought i would write since i havent written
in like forever. so alot of things have been going on
lately. i found a guy who i really really like only im too
shy to actually call up and talk to him. he lives in the
same city as i and we have been talkin for about a few
months off and on and he finally asked me to call him. im
really to scared to call and have it go from there. i want
to get with him soooo bad. we met through the internet and
its been going on from there. so if ur readin this, ray, i
love you. i really do. and dont think just because i dont
want to call you i dont want to be with you. everytime i
hear or see an incubus song or video i really want to talk
to you. i miss you. im lonely and i just want someone to
hold me and talk to me. someone like u. so i guess this
entry is pretty much to you. i love u!!! i dont think i
have ever said that to any guy before so you should feel
pretty lucky hearin that from me. cuz i do. anyways im
going to try to call you. byue