The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-07-01 23:01:23 (UTC)

ok..other half of my day with Mary...YAH!

ok..Well i am done with my was good food!..ok
well Other half of myt day with Mary was great!! We went to
the mall with Ashley,Will, and my General! (Libby!) We had
fun..especially when i had to go to the secerity office and
aske for some tampns..and all of the secerity gaurds were
men! so i was like umm..yah!?..and then i bought the new
D-12 Cd..!! thats was awesome and then i lost my Wallet and
i was like "OH CRAP!" and then i found it after having to
go to the seceritys office again..oh well i dressed like a
skank just for Ashley and i thought i looked good and my
friends said that i looked good too and that was likea
great self esteem boster!!..oh well i had sooo much fun!!??
Thank you guys for everything!!