can I speak?
2002-07-18 01:15:26 (UTC)

another day

Another day another headache.
Well it wasn't too bad of a day. Some people at work are
too funny and just kept me laughing all day. One guy loves
to sing Elvis songs. Then he broke out on Jerry Lee
Lewis' "great balls of fire" and we all started singing. It
was way funny.
Sometimes being at work is fun, and sometimes it's just
plain a pain in the arse.
I am really tired today. Stayed up too late last night
drinking with an old friend. It was fun to catch up on
things and fun to talk about old times. Soon it was way
past my bedtime and we headed home. I crashed as soon as I
hit the pillow. Morning came too soon. I dragged ass all
day. Finally home and I'm too tired to go work out. I just
want to lay down and watch the baseball game.
I miss scott. I wish he didn't have to leave.
Sometimes I miss him really bad and I think of the times we
got together (although brief) it was such a good feeling.
Too bad he feels the need to move away. I wish he would
change his mind. I wish he would come to his senses and
realize that he really does care about me and that he wants
me in his life.
He has my number. Although next month I may be changing
cell phone companies and my number will change and he may
never find me again. I guess it depends on whether or not I
hear from him in august on whether or not to change
companies. ... why do I let him control me in such a way?
Hell I think I will just go ahead and change anyway. I want
a different phone (a smaller one), the one I have is a tad
too big and masculine looking. I want the little phone.
Well we'll see what happens. I really want him to be able
to call me when he suddenly decides he can't live without
me. (wish)

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