nobody cares
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2002-07-18 00:36:05 (UTC)

ok maybe before i was being a..

ok maybe before i was being a little harsh when i said
thatmy parents are cruel to me and they probably dont care
aobut me but now i know its a fact. Get this me dad wants
to go to toronto for a week or so and he wanted to bring my
brother. my brother broke his arm while he was skatebarding
and now my dad wants to go by him self i beged hiom to
bring me with him because i find we never spend any time
toghether but ofcourse he said no. then again not to long
ago both my parents left the house to go see my brother in
the hospital and i wanted to go see him to because hey he's
my brother and he's the only one of my relatives thati
think i still truly love and ofcourse my parents said no
stay home... but i want to see him so bad but they said no
no stay home and go on the computer all night or talk to ur
im sorry but thats not my whole life exscuse me i want to
see my brother and see how he's making out but ofcourse im
not allowed which makes no sence... i try to compriise but
then they just get villant and start fighting with me so
now i have to sit in tears feeling like my heart was once
again ripped out of my chest through my spine and stabed it
over and over.....

sorry about that but it just hurts sooo much
my best friend skye is coming over tommorow and i cant wait
i think im gonna go insaine if i dont talk to someone sooon
well gtg bye

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