Hg(CNO) 2.2
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2001-07-01 22:12:41 (UTC)

a gramme of soma

random facts about me that, if you are entitled to be so
liberal, you might deem "interesting." there is a great
urge to have a quazi-formal introduction to this journal
(note: opposed to term "diary." it makes me regress to
times of hello kitty, saved by the bell, and other
frightening forms of nostalgia i cannot mention for lack of
internal pH stability).

1. i create modern art and secretly suspect that over
80% of the people i've shown it to either a)don't
understand it b)don't like it or c)worry about my
well-being, neurologically speaking. despite this most
friends/relatives concoct something complimentary to
say, which is a process i might find amusing were i not
so hypersensitive about my art. my father once
commented that a piece i had done was "cute"...is it
necessary for me to inform you i was not particularly
aiming for a quote,unquote cute effect? perhaps i am
weak for caring about others' opinions but atleast i will
admit to doing so whereas most just go around in

2. i devour literature. i have spent a great portion of the
latter yrs. of my young adult life in b&n, borders, and
various libraries/half-price book stores.

3. i truly believe you can tell a lot about someone by the
way they make a sandwich. for example, they may
include no meat choice and thus it becomes likely that
they are a vegan and that in itself is rather revealing.
(and no, i am not advocating the implementation of
type-casting, by any means, even though the thought of one
being environmentally ideological and aware of other living
beings besides homo sapiens in this day and age is a rarity to
be complimented on my behalf). see also the unconscious
psychoanalysis of the ego and eggo by s.freud, or how
to gauge the depth a man loves you by the number of
triscuts he will allow you to consume in bed, by
behaviorist c.jung.

4. i have an unhealthy addiction - (what a redundant
phrase...i could delete it but instead i will let you take a
moment and reflect on not only it's redundancy but also
the heavy irony in my inclusion of this statement, here) -
with ( )'s.

5. i love felines, as do most females but if you think
about it it makes sense.

6. there is apparently a honing device for all
insects/arthropoda in my bathroom. perhaps they
have mistaken it for an amazon rain forest.

7. i don't discriminate btwn. diet coke and diet pepsi
and this is likely very disturbing to the genre of diet
drinkers out there.

8. i am in lust w/ metaphors.

9. the cliche "you are your own worst enemy"
applies to me.

10. i abhor the current president of the united states
and i generally try to avoid looking at his picture,
altogether, and i love the first amendment which grants
me the freedom to be so boldly(?) opinionated.

11. i have basically, using the highly innovative
technique called "logic," reached the conclusion that
there is no hope of ever mentioning all i want to in this
self-titled intro, so i will end on this very number,
number 11, as it may be that i enjoy double digits,
especially when i glance at a digital clock and discover it
to be displaying double double digits (12:12, et al.)

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