2002-07-18 00:02:38 (UTC)

(7:43:26 PM): hey you, what s..

(7:43:26 PM): hey you, what's going on?
idontavertmyeyes (7:43:30 PM): bad day
(7:43:52 PM): the terrible ones make the awesome ones that
much better


so my aunt comes into town tomorrow.
my parents are not going out of town.
blah to that.
my moms car just got smashed the fuck into by some huge ass
the people were really sweet though.
the man driving reminded me a lot of emilys father.
all hispanic and cute.
his little son was like translating for us.
he didnt speak much english. at ALL.
but, he was sweet.
i think he wanted to hook me up with his older son though.
whos going to usf next semester.
who just bought a mustang.
and who is going to vcc.
all just like me.
lol yeah...how bout no.
but it was cute all the same =)


i think im going to hang out with alli tonight.
weve been talking a lot recently.
its been great.
i love her.

"how do you get your hair all curly ashley? do you go to
the hair place for it?"
"um...no. huh? what? you really think i would make myself
that high matience lol im so lazy."
"well then how does it happen?"
"um. its natural..."
"but it didnt used to be curly."
"um yeah not until i CUT it?"
for like years now shes been thinking i perm my hair?
LOL. yeah. that would NEVER happen.