my love war..enter if you dare, but help
2001-01-08 03:48:19 (UTC)

01-07-01 i dunno if this dates..


i dunno if this dates it soooo...ok....this is soo new to
me..i usually do a hand written journal but i figured since
im online alot more then i can just type it! the story of
my life right now would be kevin zach and sex.actually
zach,sex, kevin, and more sex..lol..

well it all started with zach..i liked zach, i wanted zach,
i got curious....s i asked zach to be my first...and sure
enought he was..i dont reret it..i liked it..it wasnt good
but i liked it...anyway i think ill do this later..im not
int it right now!

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