Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-07-17 23:43:59 (UTC)

Victims: Another Poem

another poem by yours truly...I think this is an excellent
poem if I say so myself. Enjoy.


we are all victims of a kind
victims of circumstance
victims of tragedy
victims of our health

we all feel that pain
all victims of a kind or another
expected to accept that
because it's what we always do

victims of bad parenting
victims of some kind of trauma
it's all accepted
tolerated in the world

we are allowed to be victims
because it is normal
accepted for all of us
to live on with our lives in pity

we are told it is okay to let our problems out
okay to advertise them
to accept them as part of who we are
to exist through them

I refuse to be a victim
to let my problems dictate my life
I choose to be a vict

being a victim is easy
a slap in the face
making us grovelers begging for crumbs

I choose to be a victor
I will not let my mistakes
nor my weaknesses
make me less then I am

I shall be a victor
someone that walks not in weakness
but someone the wins in life
holding my head up high in victory

because that is what I deserve
that is what I aspire to
because I deserve to win
and so do you

(c) Joshua Pantalleresco 2002