2001-07-01 21:39:54 (UTC)

first entry

high school. i totally dread it. ugh... i dont know what im gonna
do. i want to just be a nice, plain girl. but no. my only friends
have to be really... not my type. you cant act weird around them at
all and there really touchy. i hate it... i have a lot of friends at
the summer camp im going to but not at school. if i wasnt friends
with these peeps since i was in second grade, i would dump them w/
out a second thought. but i known them too long.

im thirteen years old. i have parents and a brother. he's a gay
retard, and my mom's some kind of ghetto hick, my dads a hick too and
really annoyin. they love me but honestly... if they werent my family
i would hate them.

my ear hurts like hell... i dont know but i think its swimmers ear
and my moms got me on all this dangerous prescription medicine as
usual. too much codeine can be a bad thing. well people i hope you
give me some feedback to this. i really need 2 know what 2 do next
year in ninth grade. thanx for readin and ill update this every day.