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2001-07-01 21:36:23 (UTC)

My "Match Test" Result

I took another silly test on the internet. This time
is "Match Test" and ... here is the result:

"Dependent Good Lover Provider"
(cool result! hehehehe ... )


30 % lust
70 % love
love experience 11/18
sex experience 6/18
animal aggression 5/18
estrogen 13/18
testosterone 2/18

Giving and wholesome, no matter your age or experience, you
will always be pure at heart. You sense the good in people,
and it's part of your nature to cuddle. As a result, your
relationships are deep and lasting, and part of each of
them will be with you forever. It's likely that you're
still friends with most of your exes.

But you have to remember to live in the present and not the
past. Like many things in nature, you are easily trampled,
and you struggle sometimes to carve out you own identity.
Assert yourself more, both in romance and in life. Dare to
dream. You'd make a great wife.

Basically, love flows from you like fresh, clean water from
a Rocky mountain stream. Be careful, because some guy might
combine you with only the choicest hops and turn you into a


Note: I didn't edit any single word here ... But the result
not too bad, so I can accept it ... Hah! :D