i dont like breakfast
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2002-07-17 21:13:47 (UTC)

;) ;)

well i was bored so i made this little journal thing. he's
cute ;) im bored and i want to go home really bad. im in
florida for a whole month if you didnt know already. i miss
krystina. i havent seen her in awhile. i miss a lot of
people. i miss my dad too :( ohh well. ive been here for
two weeks and i only have sixteen more days to go. theres
really no point of me being here. my mom works all day and
im here alone. im on the rag as we speak. it sucks. i have
cramps so bad. its so heavy an di think im going to die. i
think im an insomniac. i cant sleepand it sucks so bad. my
moms home.... im hungry. ill write more later....

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