Lethal Tears
2001-07-01 20:51:44 (UTC)

Stereophonics rulezzz!! Mission Impossible

Ok, to be honest my title hasn't got a sh*t to do with what
I'm going to write about. But hey!! That's me, That's the
way I know myself, totally out of context.

Yeah again, I'm going to talk about my boyfriend, u know
the weed-guy. What do I have to write about as of him?
That' sjust my life, less than before but still he makes a
big deal in my life.

Anyway, he and his friend organised a sort of private party
on 30-06-2001, somwhere in their neighbourhood. His whole
class was invited he invited also people form outside his
class. But except me and 2 firends of me I don't think
anyone else went, and they did good not to go!!
Anyway, He really wanted me to come, and a firend of his
wrote a real special e-mail to let me come, it was really
art. So, at the end, I decided to go with a girlfriend and
a friend of hers. When we came there they were all drunk
and high like hell. Nice u know what i'm saying? That was
a bit ashaming for me, u know. I take a firned out
there... she asked me what the heck do you do with these
people??? they are not normal! Wel unfortunately I have to
say she was damn right.

Anyway so I aws greeted by my boyfriend, a friend of him
and he presented me to his cousins. Believe as I say I
didn't see him for the rest of the evening, except for when
he decided to please by putting on the song "Heaven help"
by Lenny Kravitz, so we could "dance" a bit (note he aws
too stoned to move). After this I stood alone with this
girlfriend and her friend in a big (very big) empty room.
They went outside, in the garden because the wheather was
nice. You know what they did? Between the garden and this
room we were in, there was a door with a curtain. They just
closed that curtain as to say "you don't belong with us,
stay in". Nobody else greeted us, which was very y fucking
polite of them! LIKE NOT. So we decided to go, as none
would notice it. So we left without saying goodbye, they
just didn't care. When we left his cousins said somehting
like "hey what's up V, u don't like it out here?" and they
started to laugh... (they were just so stoned and drunk)

Today my boyfriend said that he thought I left without
saying anything because I was shyed by the other people (by
his friends). Wel I told him it was because I was (and
still am) fucking mad. I just don't think that's the way
of treating people, it is unpolite and asocial. Note that
my boyfriend says I am the non-social one!! Wel, whatever.
He even dared to say he hoped i had fun last night. I mean
how can he say something like that??? How can he even
think I had fun? I just waisted a evening going there.
Really I am so sorry I went there.

Now the point is clear. I don't want to meet his friends
or his family. I just don't want to hear or see him when
he is drunk or stoned. If he can't lie with that, I think
the story is over.

Now he says he is sad, and thet he feel sbad. Wel, he is
damn right to feel like that. He ants to talk, I don't
because I know he's gonna say good things to make it good.
U know, he always talks himself out. It seems as though he
never does anything wrong in his eyes. To me he is going a
bit too far. Now he has to realise he's going wrong with
me. He likes his friends, no excuse me, he loves his
friends. I want to understand that, because friends are
important. But acting like he acts (not noticing me when
his with his f*cking friends) is not the way. He can't
combine me and those weirdo's., or a least not like the way
he is doing now.

Wel folks, this is it, for the moment I don't want to see
or hear the guy. I would slap him right now. I want to
avoid hurting people phisically.

Rest in peace y'all...