Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2002-07-17 19:00:18 (UTC)

Small Child + Glue = Disaster

Current music: Weezer the Green Album
Current mood: Ughh...I can't handle children when I'm
taking care of more than 5 at a time.
Not too much is new...I am helping out at Vacation
Bible school this week at church. Currently I am tired from
getting up at 8:30 every morning (I know, boohoo) and going
to chase kids, then get covered in glitter. (I'm in charge
of craft time.) A week of, "Austin M, stop hitting Austin
S!" "Don't eat the glue!" "Let's watch Veggie Tales!"
(which are Bible stories told by talking vegetables...I'm
not a fan.) There are 70 or so of them...oh man.
Tonight is open mic night at Lotus...Darce and I are
supposed to go but I think her boyfriend (husband?) might
still be in town and he hates it there. Sucks..I haven't
seen her in a while, but hopefully we'll hang before I
leave for camp (Monday).
So Monday I am leaving for journalism camp and Ms G is
not my teacher anymore!!! Am quite pissed really. Now I
have to figure out this new woman so I can secure my
editorial position (mu haha!) At least I am the only
newspaper kid on the trip so she'll know me first.
I have to spend my Friday night at the city swim
meet...apparently I am signed up to do the 200 and the
400!!!!!!!!!!!! dear God, I am quite scared. terrified,
mortified, petrified, stupified.
That's about all from my world, I still love Matt, he
still does not love me. I think I will be visiting McCall
the weekend after camp is over~hurray at last!!! I should
call her now...adios! Much love, Manda