Pure Belligerence
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2001-07-01 20:40:17 (UTC)

*Kerri called*

hey..... guess what..... my best bud from a few years
ago..... kerri called. i havent talked to her in months.
She moved to fl and she called from the beach but i couldnt
talk because were having a storm (which, figures, went away
as soon as i hung up) on her cell. But shes calling me
back in an hour so i should be able to talk to her then.
She just turned 19 a few months ago, and i always mean to
call her, but i dont because i dunno, i feel like she has
moved on and i'll bother her, but when i talk to her i know
this is nonsence because kerri is like the sweetest person
iv ever met. But hopefully shell call me back later and
i'll tell all about it.

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